Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Bright Star Cleaning Solutions is widely known for our professional carpet cleaning services. Get deeper clean, faster-drying carpets and a healthier home or office space.

Since inception, Bright Star Cleaning Solutions has become a trusted name in carpet cleaning for thousands of households all over the Western Cape, cleaning in more than 1,000 households, commercial offices, hotels and more! And we understand that clean carpets are the cornerstone of a healthy work or living environment. Allergens, chemicals, pet dander, pesticides, mold, bacteria, and other pollutants are tracked into your home and place of work every day and we’re right there to help! We service:

  • Persian Rugs
  • Office Carpet Cleaning
  • Home Carpet Cleaning
  • Wall to Wall Carpets
  • Loose Rugs
  • Removal of odors & Stains